Harmony with Nature by Salamat Gharch.
Here at Salamat Gharch, our job is to care for nature. Mushrooms are a very important part of the natural cycle. They connect us all in ways we can't even imagine. Our company offers high quality and various organic mushrooms, including white, cremini, portobello and exotic varieties. Our goal is to distribute eco-friendly and unique products and to develop hard-to-find mushroom varieties that are not widely available in the region. Enjoy our website and let us know how we can help you protect our planet together with us.

Being eco-friendly

.Distributing eco-friendly and unique organic products
.A pesticide-free alternative to the traditional white button mushroom

Our company offers:

.high quality and various mushroom including:
.white, cremini, portobello and exotic varieties.

selling mushrooms to:

.wholesalers, distributors, and retailers across British Columbia.
.exploring export opportunities

Use of fully recyclable packaging containers
.The lowest percentage of moisture relative to the weight of the mushroom
.High durability and expiration date of more than 14 days under storage conditions