Salamat Gharch® was established in 2006 as a, a mushroom production business to produce, distribute, and sale mushrooms. Salamat Gharch® has remained steadfast in its primary goal of mushroom production, producing an impressive 212,000 kilograms of mushrooms annually. The business has maintained a profitable business model, ensuring a consistent supply of mushrooms to meet the ever-increasing demand.
Our Mission
·The business aims to become a top mushroom supplier in British Columbia
·The company plans to produce up to 500 tons of mushrooms annually and create jobs for Canadians
·The company will cultivate various mushroom types, including white, cremini, portobello, and exotic varieties.
·producing unique and hard-to-find mushroom varieties not commonly available in the region, as well as customized mushroom blends to meet the needs of its customers.

Our Work
The business model includes:
·selling mushrooms to: wholesalers, distributors, and retailers across British Columbia
·exploring export opportunities


Experiment (in year)



Production annually