Edible mushrooms are one of the biggest producers of protein from the remains of agricultural products. Many edible fungi are capable of decomposing the remains of agricultural products such as wheat straw and stubble, sawdust, cotton seeds, banana leaves, etc. Industrial effluents, especially food industries, are often considered a good platform for their production and cultivation. Used edible mushroom cultivation beds (compost) are used as animal feed and agricultural land fertility agent. Edible mushrooms are usually not dependent on light, have no competition with other plants, and do not need fertile soil.
Currently, the share of button mushroom in the world production of edible mushrooms is 38%, its average global yield is about 30 kilograms per square meter, and its global average per capita consumption is about 2.5 kilograms, and about 5 kilograms in European countries. In Iran, the average yield of this mushroom is about 20 kilograms per square meter and the maximum per capita consumption is about 0.5 kilogram

Economic Importance Of Mushroom